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Gambling Report for April – by Jen

Posted by on 3.26.23 in Members

April = Tax Month = Hopefully warmer weather = Springtime Showers. Happy April members. I don’t know about you, but I’m 150% looking forward to hopefully warmer weather and even springtime showers – taxes – no so much. As I’m writing this we’re receiving our 3rd snowstorm in as many weeks today – March has […]

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Friday Night Meals

Posted by on 3.26.23 in Events, Members

April 7 fish fry. (Good Friday) April 14 (music bingo ). Burgers or breaded pork sandwich. April 21 wings or pizza April 28 Chicken Caesar or shrimp and fries May 5 (cinco de Mayo) taco dinner Then we should be done with Fridays. Bingo is going to continue every Friday, all summer. That is the […]

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Facbook Feed

Posted by on 3.15.23 in Events, Members

[efb_feed fanpage_id=”evelethelks1161″ type=”page” skin_id=”311″ words_limit=”25″ links_new_tab=”1″]

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History in the past

Posted by on 3.5.23 in Members

New Eveleth Elks Lodge to be established soon https://newspapers.mnhs.org/jsp/PsImageViewer.jsp?doc_id=fc18a54b-6677-45a2-ae64-057de3f61047%2Fmnhi0031%2F1HMA3T5A%2F09011301   New Eveleth Elks Lodge a sure thing https://newspapers.mnhs.org/jsp/PsImageViewer.jsp?doc_id=fc18a54b-6677-45a2-ae64-057de3f61047%2Fmnhi0031%2F1HMA3T5A%2F09051201   Date is set for new lodge https://newspapers.mnhs.org/jsp/PsImageViewer.jsp?doc_id=fc18a54b-6677-45a2-ae64-057de3f61047%2Fmnhi0031%2F1HMA3T5A%2F09052601   The day of the Eveleth Elks institution https://newspapers.mnhs.org/jsp/PsImageViewer.jsp?doc_id=fc18a54b-6677-45a2-ae64-057de3f61047%2Fmnhi0031%2F1HMA3T5A%2F09052901   Eveleth Elks receives its charter https://newspapers.mnhs.org/jsp/PsImageViewer.jsp?doc_id=fc18a54b-6677-45a2-ae64-057de3f61047%2Fmnhi0031%2F1HMA3T5A%2F09072101   Lodge building committee decides to go ahead with new lodge building https://newspapers.mnhs.org/jsp/PsImageViewer.jsp?doc_id=fc18a54b-6677-45a2-ae64-057de3f61047%2Fmnhi0031%2F1HMA3T5C%2F22091401   Building bids opened https://newspapers.mnhs.org/jsp/PsImageViewer.jsp?doc_id=fc18a54b-6677-45a2-ae64-057de3f61047%2Fmnhi0031%2F1HMA3T5C%2F22101901   Excavation started […]

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Elks latest news

Posted by on 2.27.23 in Uncategorized

Eveleth Elks launches a new website.  Used for the general public and the members.

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