Gambling Report – May

Supporting our Community and our Members

Jul 18

May FLOWERS?? Oooohhhh let’s hope!! We sure didn’t get much rain in April, mostly dang snow again.  I feel like I’m writing about the same thing each month just hoping and praying to get into my gardens, it’s like Groundhogs Day, HA!

April was a busy month at the lodge.  We held our second successful BURGER BASH for the Rock Ridge school.  This year as you know we were able to give the proceeds to the Concession stands on the new campus.  We raised $5,030 during our burger bash.  That is going to make a HUGE difference at the school so the concession stands will be successful.  When they sell their product they use their profits for things like new uniforms, trips to the state, safety equipment, and so many other things the students need to be successful. It was a great turnout and Cowboy Angel Blue was amazing as always.  This year, the Mesaba Range VFW Post 1172 donated the music.  It’s so great when we can all work together!

We also had a fun Financial Awareness night and we were able to give away all 30 of our piggy banks to the kids.  We had to give away piggy banks for a couple of Tuesdays because of course, it snowed during our event.

Then if you didn’t make it up for Music Bingo, boy did you miss out.  We were packed and it was so much fun.  I think everyone enjoyed it.  Music bingo, even tho it’s called bingo really has nothing to do with gambling, it was an event the lodge brought in and gave prizes for, so even I got to play that night.  I think Lindsay will definitely be bringing them back again at some point.

This month we were able to award over $14,000 to our area.  Veterans on the Lake received $250; Anchor of Hope $250; National Fire Safety Council $250; Gambling paid for the piggy banks for $150; Students of the Month for April and May $3,000.  Care Partners – a 501c3 dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families $750.  Rock Ridge Youth Baseball $500; Rock Ridge High School Baseball $500; Hibbing High School FACS Classroom (interior design class) $500; The Northern Tumblers (Gymnastic booster group) $500; Rock Ridge and ME Trap and Skeet team – $500; MN Juvenile Officers Association a 501c3 that brings training to officers to deal with juveniles $500.  Rock Ridge Jr. High Golf Team $500, Hibbing Girls Softball $500; and the Iron Mosquitos which is a robotics team to travel to their competition $500.  So many worthwhile causes.

In May on the 9th – we’re celebrating “Smile Month” All kids that come up will get a free toothbrush kit to keep their pearly whites gleaming! And we’re still busy planning our Public Safety Event for June 6th – this is going to be one you won’t want to miss.

I’m sure some of you have heard the news about the changes that may be coming to our electronic gaming.  At the time I’m writing this article I don’t have much to report about it, it’s still going through committees and of course, nothing is finalized yet, but the new language they’ve added to the omnibus bill doesn’t look very good for our operations.  I’m hoping that Allied Charities and Protect our charities, which are our two main lobbyist groups, along with our community members can help make meaningful changes that won’t harm our electronic gaming.  Without electronic gaming in our area, our revenue would suffer greatly, which in turn would result in much less we would be able to give back to our community.  I know, not great news, but it’s not a done deal yet.  If you would like more information you can look up Allied Charities online and read about the proposed changes.  Until we know different though, it’s business as usual.

I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, and we’ll keep bringing in events to raise money for our area because that’s why we’re here!! To support each other, to grow together, to become a place where we all want to stay and thrive. See you at the lodge soon.