June George N. Walters, ENF Chair

Supporting our Community and our Members

Jun 16

The Elks National Foundation is known for their scholarships. The best-known scholarship is the Most Valuable Student Award.  The top award is $50,000 over 4 years of college.  Second Place is $40,000; Third Place is $30,000; Fourth Place is $20,000; and runners up are $4,000.  The Most Valuable Student Scholarship is open to all High School Seniors who are citizens of the United States at the time of their application.  Applicants do not have to be related to an Elk member.

The other major scholarship is the Legacy Award.  This is open to children and grandchildren of Elk members.  The Legacy Award is $1,000 per year for four years.  Minnesota has an award of four Legacy Awards.  The Eveleth Lodge has received several Legacy Award Scholars over the years.

This year our Eveleth Lodge has won the “trifecta”. We have a Most Valuable Student Scholar, who while not going on for national competition, did win a MN State award of $2,000.  Also, two of our members children or grandchildren received Legacy Awards. 

Congratulations to these fine students.  And thanks to all our members who continue to support the Elks National Foundation.

George Walters, Lodge ENF Chair