June from Exalted Ruler Stancy

Supporting our Community and our Members

Jun 16


Now that Memorial Day has passed, it is officially summer.  Our first June event is our Public Safety event on Tuesday, June 6.  We are inviting our local public safety personnel up to the lodge for a free burger.  We will have an ambulance, a police car and a DNR boat for all to visit.  We will be giving away bike helmets and life jackets to the kids who come up to the lodge.  Come and bring all the kids.  

We are still looking for campers, we can sign kids up to go to Elks Camp.  Our North District children’s session is from July 16th to July 21st.  Children between 9 and 13 are eligible to attend camp.  There are also two sessions for children of Elk members. The first session is July 23rd to 28th, and the second session is from July 30th to August 4th.

Flag Day is June 14, and the Virginia Elks Lodge #1003 will be hosting this year.  They will be serving a light lunch at 5:00 pm followed by the Flag Day Ceremony.  The Elks were instrumental in creating this special day so please try to attend.

Some of you are already aware that George and I will be serving as the Grand Marshals of the Eveleth 4th of July Parade.  It is a real honor to be asked to do this.  We need to polish up our VW convertible in preparation and we have already asked our Grandson, Dylan, to be our driver.  The Elks Lodge will be open immediately following the parade.

We are continuing to serve burgers every Tuesday from 5-7 pm.  Try to stop up for a burger, they are the best in town.

Enjoy your summer, Stancy