January ER Message

Supporting our Community and our Members

Jul 18

I hope all of you have been able to gather with friends and relatives during the holidays.

As most of you know I lost three close family members this year. Christmas was the time we always got together. I have many happy memories of our holiday gatherings.

We had a wonderful Tom and Jerry Party. Butch, Diane, Bryan and Kristin did a great job preparing and serving the Tom and Jerrys. We had sliders and snacks and music by “Jammin Joe”. A group of Virginia Elks came over to join us.

Our Community Family Skating Party will be held on December 26 at 10am-noon. There will be hot dogs, polish and hot chocolate at the VFW canteen for free. Bring your kids, grandkids and skates and join the fun.

The Doheny Bonspiel is always the first full weekend in January. Hope you have signed up to curl. Mel and Hammer do a great job putting this bonspiel together. The boys are making spaghetti for the Saturday Night Banquet.

Unfortunately, George’s knee surgery had to be canceled a second time. He has no date now, but we are hoping to get a new surgery date soon after Jan. 1.

Student of the Month has been successfully changed to a pizza party each month prior to our first meeting. We prepare a salad and order Snicker’s pizzas. The kids and parents seem to like it and we are again able to show-off our lodge and teach these young families something about Elkdom. Any member is welcome to come up for these Student of the Month dinners.

There will be a Burger Bash on Saturday, January 27. This event will benefit the Rock Ridge Choir Trip. See a Choir member for tickets. We need a few Elks members to help these folks with cooking. Please let me know if you can volunteer.

Happy New Year,
Stancy Walters, ER