February Gambling Report

Supporting our Community and our Members

Jun 16

It’s February already! Boy winter this year has sure been nice to us. Usually by now, I’m so annoyed with snow, ice, cold, etc. I feel like we’re never going to see spring again, but this year, I haven’t had that feeling yet. That’s definitely a nice change. This winter hasn’t been so nice for those who like their outdoor activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, etc. It’s only February though. I remember many years in March and April getting lots of snow so we might get winter eventually.

This winter has been a phenomenal time for charitable gambling. People are playing and winning and we’ve been able to give away so many more donations this year so far. It looks like we’ll be able to donate quite a bit in February as well.

In January we donated over $18,500 to our local area! I’m so proud of that fact. We cannot do this without our charitable gambling partners. In January we’ve gave $1000 to the Eveleth Community Foundation for the “Bobo” Kochevar scholarship fund, $1000 to the Laurentian Elementary Library for the I love to read month coming up in February. $500 to the MIB Hoops Club, $1,000 to the MN Miners Hockey Club, $500 to Iron Range Boxing, $500 to Rock Ridge Volleyball. $500 to the Angel Fund, $500 to the Hibbing girls’ hoops club, $500 to the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, $500 to the Central Mesabi Medical Foundation, $1,000 to MAC-V for homeless Veteran programs. $500 to the Cherry Cheer Club, $500 to Rock Ridge Girls Hockey, $500 to the Chisholm Quarterback Club and $500 to the Hoops Club in Chisholm as well. $1,500 to the Lyric Center for the Arts for their youth programming. $1250 to the Rock Ridge All Night Graduation Party. $1000 to the Cherry All Night Grad Party, $1000 to the MIB All Night Grad party. $400 to the I Love to Read giveaway at the Eveleth Elks for February – each child that comes up during any burger night will receive a free book in February – age level Pre-K through Grade 5. $1,500 in Student of the Month Scholarships and we have also committed $2,000 to the Community Meal Event that we’re collaborating with the Virginia Elks on to bring a hot meal on a weekend to anyone who is hungry. This idea was brought up by our own Melanie Hamalainen and she grabbed the ball and ran with it. Partnering with a sister lodge always brings us great joy. There will be jackets, hats and winter gear for people in need, a hot meal, fellowship and even some snacks they can take with them if they need them. More information about this event is on Facebook. It will be held at the Virginia Elks Lodge on Saturday, February 24th.

February also brings our 2nd Annual Designer Purse Bingo. Get your tickets now by emailing evelethelksevents@gmail.com This year we’re only selling a maximum of 150 tickets – so everyone can fit into the lodge room and we won’t have people playing in the bar. We’re selling tickets quickly so get on the list soon. You can pay the day of the event with cash. $40 for 10 games of bingo and a self-serve snack. This year we have decided to support Mesabi Musical Theater with the proceeds! Community Arts are sometimes overlooked; however, they play a huge part in our surrounding communities. I’ve been to plays put on by both the Mesabi Musical Theater and the Lyric Center for the Arts and the talented people of our area put on great performances. Definitely don’t miss out on this event.

February, although a short month, brings a lot of fun events to our lodge Our Spaghetti fundraiser, Purse Bingo, the MN Wild Trip. Stop by anytime to check out all of the amazing things we’re doing. In March, we’ll have our Open Bonspiel, our St. Patrick’s Day bingo night, and so many other fun things. If you have an idea for an event, let us know, we’re always looking for fun ways to celebrate!

Have a great short, hopefully one of our last months of winter. The days are already getting longer and Spring is definitely in our sights! Thanks again for all of your support!