About the Eveleth Elks

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Since its beginning in 1868, the Elks have always been leaders in the communities in which they have had lodges. Some famous Elks are Presidents such as JFK, Ford, Truman, and FDR. Others such as Babe Ruth, Arnold Plamer, Clint Eastwood, and Eli Manning were famous in sports and entertainment.

Elks have been impacting our country through its creation and observance of Flag Day. The Elks built and then donated the very first hospital dedicated to the Veterans of our country, which later became the VA System. Veterans Day, which started as Armistice Day, is on November 11th each year thanks to General John Pershing, who was an Elk and insisted that in memory of the fall, the peace treaty ending WWI be signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Nationally, the Elks have the 2nd largest Scholarship program in the country, second only to the Federal Government. We started the Elks Hoop shoot for kids to participate in local to nationally, with the national winners having their names placed in the NBA hall of fame.

In Minnesota, our State Association owns a youth camp just south of Breezy Point where we send over 500 kids from all across Minnesota to a free week of camp where they
learn to fish, do archery, and do other activities.